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blog / 12.03.2017

Today I am going to start the most exciting experience of my career as reporter and web journalist. Sicily is gradually getting the status of Tech Hub of Southern Europe. Once I realized that I decided  I wanted to be part of this astonishing socio-economic phenomenon that is now getting more and more interesting. Il Sole 24 Ore, Business Insider and other influential editorial channels daily report news about Sicilian Innovation new players: Mosaicoon, Papèm, Organge Fiber, Beentouch, Motorsquare, Ganiza, SbSkin, Sunsiit, Qwince, Giftsitter and Tripoow, in particular, have been widely analysed and reported by Italian and International magazines. 10, interviews, a lot of miles across Sicilian highways, breathtaking landscapes, beautiful people and a good dose of sun. During a 4 months period I have been collecting data, interviews and articles about Sicilian Innovative Start Ups, now it's time to give a shape to all these valuable info. Are you ready for a unique trip through the TECH ISLAND? Follow Mercuryo's channels!  ...

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